Panties film with passionate Alexia Anders and Paisley Paige


Paisley Paige, the resident high school burnout, is hanging around the school parking lot when Alexia Anders, in a hurry and distracted, bumps into her and drops her backpack. Alexia, who is a popular cheerleader with a mean streak, makes fun of Paisley, who tries not to let it get to her. But as Alexia leaves to return to school, Paisley finds a raunchy comic book where Alexia’s backpack was. She is gobsmacked when she realizes that Alexia is secretly a major nerd with a kinky side!Paisley smugly calls Alexia back, wanting to rub this new discovery in. Although Alexia tries her hardest to deny that the book is hers, when Paisley says she’ll take the book to other students, Alexia caves. Yes, it’s hers, but she doesn’t want anyone to know what she’s into, especially since all the other popular people will make fun of her.Knowing she has Alexia right where she wants her, Paisley slyly insists that if Alexia has a little bit of fun with her, she won’t tell anyone about the book. Although Alexia is shocked at first, when Paisley starts coming onto her, showing off her more dominant, assertive side, something in Alexia clicks. The dynamic between them is just like the dynamic between her favorite characters in the book! Now is her chance to not only protect her reputation but finally bring her fantasy to life.