Firm Ass video with prefect Lena Paul and Victoria Voxxx


Lena Paul and Victoria Voxxx, two high school teachers, are just finishing up their lunch together in the teacher’s lounge. They’re very comfortable around each other and love their lunch dates because it gives them a chance to vent. Whether they’re talking about a new faculty member or dating, they can really get things off their chest around each other.But then the mood shifts as they start talking about how provocatively their students dress these days. While they’re all about empowering young women, it’s just a shame that THEY can’t be quite as revealing while on the job! But that doesn’t stop them from having a bit of fun as they jokingly mimic how their students dress, unbuttoning their blouses to show off some amazing cleavage.Of course, the more they joke, the more the vibes start to turn sexual. That’s when the naughty teachers realize that they have just enough free time before the next bell to REALLY get everything off their chest!